Monday, January 17, 2011


Growing up, not once did I think my world was one bit different from anyone else's. Actually, it really wasn't until my now husband ventured to my parents' house in the North Carolina mountains with me for the first time and asked..."Whoa, wait a minute, you grew up HERE? What did you do for fun, and who in the world did you play with?"

My answer was "sure did, lots and my sister, of course!" Yes, we lived 3 miles up a winding gravel road (MOST of it is paved now), drove almost an hour each way to school (in a camp van), had a rock collection (we had one of those rock tumblers) and took vaulting lessons (gymnastics on horseback), but I thought that was all very normal! I guess I should admit that the mountains didn't always have such a fond place in my heart. At 9, I was the new kid in school with a southern accent so thick that I basically spoke a different language than my classmates. I was asked to repeat everything about 5 times before I got a look of vague comprehension. I tried really hard to leave that middle Georgia twang at home, but it was a part of me. Much like those farm country roots (more on that later), I try to stay true to my mountain roots in life in the hustle bustle of the fabulous city of Atlanta (more on that later too).

A few more mountain pictures...I cannot take credit for these amazing shots. My parents' friend took these...this is a property by my parent's's for sale, so if you want to make a purchase in Brevard, you are in luck!


Ashlee said...

LOVE it Jo! You did a great job with the design, and I'm so excited about reading! yay! Welcome to blogland!

Rachel said...

Looks great, GA!!! Can't wait to see more!

swevans81 said...

fun!! looks so good!!

Linsey said...

So proud of you!!! I love the blog! It looks fabulous!

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