Thursday, January 20, 2011

Speaking of Cabin Fever...

Atlanta has finally seen the last bit of snow all that's left is that nasty gravel/sand on the road that leaves your car filthy and exfoliated! I was in Las Vegas for work during the pretty part, so you won't see any pictures of our snow (3rd of the season!!!) here.

Brevard, on the other hand, is still knee deep in it. We had about 7 inches while Josh and I were there for Christmas. It was lovely!
I have an obsession with my dad's tractor. Isn't it just great? I am "red" at heart. When we first moved to the NC, my mom almost drove this tractor OFF the mountain. I don't know why my dad let her on it to begin with. She's a country gal and all, but still...she's a lady! She was taking a load of rocks to the woods and did not know that you cannot change gears while moving, so she took it out of gear and couldn't get it back in. She went barreling down the driveway, across the road, through the barb wire fence (she took out 3 fence posts) and to the bottom of a steep hill in the pasture...screaming the whole way down. The rocks were strown everywhere, the cows were staring and Mom was lucky! It was her first and last time on the tractor.

Don't worry, that's my dad in the above picture. He used to be a farmer and is well versed on tractors!

Does May have the life or what? Buster was also having a ball...

...while Oliver & company kept warm by the fire!


swevans81 said...

Love the snow pics! Hadn't thought of the tractor story in a long time!!

Jan said...

Glad to see that you dad is on that tractor! I still have nightmares about your mom on that thing! Pictures are beautiful!

Molly said...

After being in Colorado for 5 days... I'm glad GA doesn't get snow all the time! But it is beautiful! :)

Glad you joined us in blogging!

Georgia Van said...

Glad you can post comments now...that is so odd!!

Thanks for following me!!!! I'm having fun with this!

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