Monday, January 24, 2011

Bring on the budgets!

Time for an event post. Thought I'd show a couple events that I've planned and produced (with the help of so many others!) while at Presenting Atlanta. It is so much fun when you have a client that has (1) a budget (2) an open mind and (3) a budget. I'm only halfway kidding. There are so many things that you can do on a limited budget. It just calls for a little more creativity. Take the below, for example. Very simple yet very effective. This was used in a prefunction space to dress up lounge groupings.

This fabulous compilation was used on the top of a central bar as a focal point for the prefunction space. I love the color combination here - the silver really makes it pop!

A close-up of the bar floral...

This event is one of my all time favorites. I did back to back events for this group for 3 nights...I would take one of those every week! It was a small group (about 125 guests) but they spared no expense. The group had exclusive access to the Georgia Aquarium and its exhibits for the whole evening. They explored the exhibits on their own before enjoying a seated and served dinner. After dinner, they moved into one of the exhibits for a dessert lounge.

The dinner area was so clean and sleek. These are lighted tables with ghost chairs - it was a perfect compliment to the look and feel of the Aquarium.

The centerpieces were a compilation of different florals in glass containers of various shapes and sizes, stacked on glass cubes to create some interest.

Stay tuned for more on events with budgets both large and small!


swevans81 said...

Love seeing all the arrangements!! Good job Georgia!!!

Linsey said...

Beautiful work! What a fun post!

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