Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Southern Champagne...

We had messy weather for the February 4th event at the World of Coke. As soon as the dismal weather forecast came out, one of my colleagues ran to the Dollar Store and bought out their umbrella supply! Part of what we do is think for our clients, foresee any challenges and cover all of the bases. It didn't pour on us, but it was a persistent mist all night - made for some great pictures from my friend Ross DeLoach at Northlight Photography!

The World of Coke from Pemberton Place

Peter Pan tent in the background - great show, especially for kids!

A lounge grouping in the lower level of the Hub provided alternative seating to the cocktail rounds and highboys. These were dressed with votive candles in funky colors to fit in with the World of Coke look.

Above was one of the double bars - the glacier looking lighted walls are permanent at the World of Coke. This is the polar bear habitat and makes for a great backdrop for a bar or lounge grouping. Brightly colored spandex linens were used on the tables to compliment that whimsical feel of the venue.

One of the centerpieces - simple and inexpensive yet bright and effective. An LED light is placed inside the gel beads to create a glow.

Taste It! Exhibit

This is my favorite part of the World of Coke - called Taste It. Guests can sample all of the different Coca Cola products from around the world in this exhibit. Cocktails rounds with white Valencia chairs were scattered throughout the space.

Another view of Taste It. The Coke products that we are all familiar with are located around the red bottle.

The upper level of the Hub. These white bunny chairs are perfect for this space!

See the polar bear in the picture above? He made an appearance at this event, and as cheesey as it might be - he was the hit of the party.

Starting to fill up with folks! In order to cut back on lines at the food stations, there were 2 station areas, each with the same three items. The chef attendants kept people moving through fairly the polar bear added a distraction and photo opp as the guests got their food.

It was a great event! Nice group of people that did not want to go home...or maybe just didn't want to brave the elements again on the way back to the bus!


Ashlee said...

This is so neat and beautiful!

AA said...

What a cool event! Look so nice....well done!!

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