Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Project

I find hanging pictures to be very difficult. That is probably the reason that so many walls in our house are empty! I am always afraid that I'll put the nail in the wrong spot and then have an enormous hole staring me in the face. I needed a creative outlet this morning after returning from a 10 day work trip late Thursday night, so I decided to tackle our bedroom wall. After 9 months of being married, I've only ordered a few wedding pictures...and we have AMAZING pictures from Rachel with Millie Holloman Photography, so this will be our wedding wall. Below was my inspiration from Pottery Barn. I love how this looks, but it is a little too funky for me with the different style of frames so I adapted mine a little bit.

Example from Pottery Barn
After moving in with Josh, I focused first on getting the entertainment spaces in our house the way I wanted them...the entry and living room, dining room and kitchen...I haven't done much to the bedroom at all. Our bedroom is teeny tiny. A long, skinny window over our bed makes the configuration of the room a little odd...I like balance. But, not gonna have it in this room so I thought I'd just go with the whole assymmetrical thing in organizing the frames. Like a collage. In an effort to avoid paying top dollar, I went to Target and found some great frames with ivory matting in various sizes, all with the same mahogany finish. While I was there, I thought...why not throw in a few mirrors as accents? I traced the frames on wrapping paper, cut out the shapes and taped them to the wall to decide where each frame should go. It took a few trys to get it right, but this is what I went with.  

And...tada! I think it turned out nicely!

Next up, getting the prints in the frames (I'll show a final picture) and window treatments!


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It looks fantastic!

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