Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Southern Champagne

Last Wednesday, I had an awards dinner at the beauitful and whimsical World of Coke. The guests entered into the Lobby area (shown below) for a cocktail hour before moving into the Hub for a seated and served dinner with awards presentation. I love this venue at night!

The Hub is shown below. We used a clear chivari chair and alternated a solid navy taffeta linen with a patterned navy linen that matched the company logo just about perfectly. I don't have a great picture of the centerpieces, but they were compositions of 3 different containers per table. They also alternated on the two different linen looks. We incorporated the aluminum Coca Cola bottles too!

This pictures below shows the tent set up for Peter Pan between the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium, at Pemberton Place. I plan on going to see the show Thursday night and cannot wait!

Aren't the Coke bottles fun? Coke is the "southern champagne!"

I'll be at World of Coke again this Friday night with a completely different look, so check back on that!

I have to give credit to Ross DeLoach with Northlight Photography for these images. He does a wonderful job!


AA said...

SOO pretty, Georgia! What a cool venue!

swevans81 said...

I need to go to the World of Coke sometime when I'm there and check it out - looks neat!

Linsey said...

I love those coke bottles! Can't wait to see this weekend's look!

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