Wednesday, February 9, 2011

X Marks the Spot

About a year ago today, Josh and I were on the hunt for the perfect spot in the pasture around my parents' home in North Carolina to get married. It is crazy to think how fast the time has flown - that seems like just yesterday and we have already been married for 8 months! It was tough to imagine the pasture being presentable at this point. I panicked maybe just a little bit. It certainly wasn't a hotel ballroom. There were cow pies everywhere, the trees were damaged from an ice storm and we had more trouble than we thought finding a spot flat enough for all of the chairs!

This picture makes me look like a real country girl, doesn't it? Josh obviously thinks so, as his hands are in his pockets!

How pretty is this cow? I love her! Even though she is responsible for those cow pies...

Don't ask what I am wearing. Somehow Josh looks really normal! Living in Atlanta, I don't have those really warm, casual clothes anymore. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing some of my dad's Carhartt pants, my sister's pea coat, a ski hat and these amazingly hippie flower Doc Martens I had in middle school. I loved those boots and used to wear them with shorts to really show 'em off! Eeshh!

Not the final choice but a nice backdrop of woods.

This is sort of the place we picked! Doesn't Josh look nervous??

One of our neighbor's horses. We actually left the ceremony on a horse and buggy! This horse wasn't the lucky one but he sure was pretty and nibbled our hands.

See...all of those vaulting lessons did come in handy, Mom! THIS was our getaway horse, Breaker! One of our neighbors was so generous and gave us the horse and buggy exit as our wedding gift. They worked with Breaker for months and months to train him to pull the buggy. I remember when Breaker was born! He was a precious little thing.

I hadn't been on a horse in a long time. Our neighbor told me to just jump off if Breaker took off...I was a touch nervous to say the least.
And here it is a few months later! No cow pies (well, we did see a few but we strategically placed the chairs over them), warm weather and a few mosquito guests!

My dad built our altar out of old split rail fencing. It was perfectly simple and us. My parents were married at a similar looking cross which made it even more meaningful.

My friend Molly took these great ceremony shots! Thanks, Mo!


Rachel said...

this was such a beautiful day! Great post, GA! Really does seem like just yesterday!

swevans81 said...

I love the picture of you getting on Breaker - you look 12 years old!!
Y'all really did pick the perfect spot for the ceremony!! It was just beautiful!!!

Ashlee said...

Love the flashback post. You had such a beautiful wedding -- I hate I didn't get to come!

Molly said...

Aw! I thought I recognized those 2 pictures! :)
I was so happy I was able to take pictures... now I have a wedding to do in October... scary!!!

I can't believe it's been 8 months either! So fast!

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