Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Things

The things in our homes say so much about our style, taste and most of all, our history...really, we all just collect items as we go. Things that have been passed down from another generation, left over from the stranger who lived at your house before you did, or given as a gift somewhere along the way. There are so many things in our home that are so meaningful to me. Not necessarily because of the way they look, but because of the story behind them. Thought I'd share!

This is my most favorite lamp EVER! It is made of tin and was given to my parents as a wedding gift. My mom has generously let me keep this in my house and it sits on our entry table, stacked on a couple of books.

These gold-gilt frames were my great grandmother's on my mom's side. I don't really know any history behind them...they were in a "junk" box when she passed away. I love them and have them hung on the wall in our hallway without pictures in them.

We have six of these chairs...2 with arms and 4 without. The 4 are around our dining room table and I have the 2 armchairs as extra seating in our living room. This was a fun project. My mom found these chairs and a dining room table for a crazy cheap price. The chairs were covered in a very outdated and stained ivory damask, so we ripped that fabric right off and recovered them. We added the fringe to make them sassy. Love the caning.

Obviously, I like things with an Oriental flair. This is half of an old scroll that my mom's best friend Jenny gave to her. We decided to split it and have each half framed. It has no matte and is framed in a black bamboo frame with plexiglass. It is huge! My grandmother had someone interpret the figures so it's neat to know what it means!

We have a few pieces (and more in storage) from Josh's paternal grandmother who passed away about a year and a half ago. The end tables in our living room are hers. We probably need to treat the leather inlays on the tops because they are drying out but these tables are gorgeous and so special to me!

My Woodland dog treat cannister! This was a wedding gift. Obsessed with this china. It is so "us." Love our dogs...even though Oliver the Maltese isn't nearly woodsy enough to be featured on this!

The man who married us (Ken Henry) gave this oil painting to Josh and me. It was waiting at our house when we got home from our honeymoon. Very special and thoughtful. It is in our kitchen.

Love my pretty cow! This is a cheap and I'm pretty sure fake painting that I picked up at an Atlanta gift shop. I just love her eyelashes. She is in our dining room and goes perfectly with the red on the walls.

Photographs of Buster and Oliver. Atlanta photographer Jessica Kamm took these. Yes, Oliver has a bow on! It is camouflage which mans it up, right?

My great grandmother's dessert plates. These are old, old, old Wedgewood. My mom thought they were ugly! They do look prettier with a piece of chocolate cake on them. I love them and think they are so unique.

That's it! What are your favorite things?


AA said...

Such nice things, Georgia. I really love the cow!!

swevans81 said...

Fun post GA!

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