Friday, March 18, 2011

I am amazed.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I called my 91, almost 92 year old grandmother, Maughi. My sister came up with the name when she was learning to say "Grandma", turned it around backwards and "Maugha" turned to "Maughi" and it stuck! Anyway, Maughi has a very good friend that is very, very ill and I had been thinking about her even more than usual. All of Maughi's friends are much younger than her...she has outlived just about all of them, including her husband (whom she has been without for 25 years). Her secret? She says, a scotch and water (just a splash!) each night. I think Rachel discovered just how little water was in that scotch when she took a chug as a child, mistaking the cocktail for her Sprite!
Maughi is always amazing us. She has stayed active in the Brevard community, is more social than I am and drives herself to the grocery store everyday. She is the epitome of a strong, independent woman. She has done so many things in her lifetime. She has a vivid memory, is very well-spoken and has a reputation about town.

This picture perfectly describes Maughi. I don't think I need to say anything else!

Back to the phone call...I got quite the giggle. Maughi answered her cell phone (yes, she has a cell phone, she emails, etc. See, she is AMAZING) with an eager, "Hello!" We chatted about her friend for a while, and then I asked...well, other than this going on, is everything else OK with you? She said, oh yes - I am actually on my way to the beauty shop right now. I said, Maughi - you are driving AND talking on your cell phone?! She said, well, I sure am - I guess I should put the phone down, shouldn't I? We quickly said goodbye and promised we'd talk again very soon. The wild (or scary!) thing is that she didn't seem the least bit distracted while we were on the phone. I would have never guessed that she was navigating a mountain road with a cell phone in one hand. Hopefully she won't make this a habit, but it was just so Maughi to me. She is sharp as a tack!

Grandparents are wonderful. I am so lucky to have 3 grandparents still going strong - I do not call them enough. Life is so precious...we need that reminder every once in a while!


Ashlee said...

I love this... and that picture -- hysterical!!

swevans81 said...


Maur said...

just hope she is not texting !!!

lynn said...

This is - perhaps - my favorite picture from your wedding!

mjevans said...

Georgia neglected to identify others in the picture: herself, of course, horrified that Grandmother is going to hit some one with the cane; the maid of honor, geared to photograph such an unfortunate event; and, in the background, Sylva, who is saying, "Some one find Barney and tell him to get his mother off the dance floor."

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