Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling Lucky?

On Tuesday night, we put a casino party together for a group of about 250 guests, all ready to gamble with "Monopoly" money and dance the night away. The chosen venue was 200 Peachtree...a beautiful, newly remodeled space in downtown Atlanta at non other than...200 Peachtree Street, of course. 200 Peachtree was first built in 1927 as a Davison's department store. It was converted to a Macy's in the'll hear Atlantans refer to it as the "Old Macy's Building." We are all thrilled to see it restored and enjoyed like so many areas in Downtown now. 

Great spot for a casino! The space is so elegant that it really reminded me of being in a Las Vegas casino. And with room in the budget for some decor, this could be a really jaw-dropping event.

The hotel team designed a four-sided bar in the middle of the venue. Great focal point in the room. A central bar also makes the space feel more intimate and social, rather than banquet-y and stuffy. Easy and effective design tip!

Don't the chandeliers add everything?

Here is a close-up. I covet these!

We used clean and sleek casino tables - none of that skirting that velcros on and off and is a pain to make even...I'm over that! We used a combination of blackjack and Texas Hold'em tables, with Craps and roulette thrown in there. Dealers dressed in tuxedos facilitate the gambling. A request for air hockey tables was also made...hey, it works!

Now this is a pretty table! Entertainment and decor all in one.

Don't worry, we moved that blue blanket underneath the air hockey table (in above picture) prior to the start of the event...what an eyesore. I'm always a mad lady snapping pictures during the last few minutes of set up and sometimes the pictures don't show the final, final product!

One of the last casino parties that I did (back in February) had a grand prize of a shiny, new Mercedes E-class...quite the reward, I'd say!


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