Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Green

Spring means cleaning...and lots of cleaning outside in the yard. Through all of this, I have developed so much appreciation for everything that my parents and their friends did to prepare for our wedding last June. After a massive ice storm, my parent's 20 acres were left in horrible shape. OK, we have 1/3 of an acre...and we are slaves to weeding, laying new pinestraw, replanting, weeding again. It is ridiculous!

Last weekend, I planted 7 flats of white impatiens. I love white flowers and thought they would pop. The irises planted behind the impatiens are going to be mom and sister helped me plant them this fall and I hope they bloom this year. We also planted a boatload in the back yard...they have already multiplied!

We have a late blooming azalea. It is still mostly buds but there are lots of them. This is right in front of our porch and I love to see the blooms open up more each day. I know, I am such a dork. Really, I get so excited about these kinds of's a problem! Sick, look at the pollen.

How amazing is this Japanese maple?! Even more amazing that it hides our fugly mailbox.  It is fuller and fuller every year. It almost needs to be trimmed but I'm not touching it!

This was given to me as a housewarming present when I bought my townhome 3 years is beautiful and low-maintenance and sits on the front porch of our house boasting an American flag.

A couple of before and after pictures...I have a funny story about this first picture. Worked hard for it. I went home during work one day to let the dogs out for a bathroom break, as Josh was traveling and I was working late that night. I was so concerned with getting the camera to snap a "before" picture that I locked the doorknob from the inside and closed the door...with my keys on the entry table...inside the house. I knew it as soon as I closed the door. I mumbled a few four-letter words, ran to the street to take the bless-ed picture, called Josh and cried, called Mom and cried, decided I had to do something other than cry, so went to plan B. Hide-a-key...back yard. The gate into our back yard is high, too high to climb. I couldn't unlatch it from the outside, definitely couldn't climb over it without busting my face. The other side of the house has a chain length fence. I ignore the yard people across the street, who must have thought I was nuts. Blond and nuts. I took my 4 inch heels off and threw them over the fence. No idea why I did that, but I'd already asked myself that several times at this point. I scaled the fence, managing to rip my brand new pants and cry atop the fence too. Oh well, I got in the house...and then locked myself out again a few weeks later. Unbelieveable, Georgia!

Anyway, here is our little house before the blood, sweat and tears...

A little drabby and dried up, huh?

And here is what we look like today!

It's amazing what a new roof, new gutters, fresh pinestraw, new flowers/ferns and lots of blisters will do! It was well worth it. I'm thinking about planting some kind of a mounding ground cover with some color underneath the tree out front, if I can work around the roots...any ideas?


Linsey said...

It looks so good, Jo!!!! I am so sorry you had such a traumatic event though. Sometimes it just helps to have a good cry!

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