Sunday, April 10, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

My precious nephew, Parker, celebrated his 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese's with lots of his friends from school on Saturday. And, I now know why my mom steered my sister and I away from that place! I'm kidding, kind of. My mom always threw us amazing and creative birthday parties...but they were at home, or at least somewhere moderately lowkey. My sister-in-law said that Parker saw the Chuck E Cheese commercial on TV and said, "My party! That's where I want my party!" Chuck E Cheese has it all figured out with those commericals. (I'm pretty sure they didn't advertise like that when I was young, or either my mom flipped the channel really fast. Mom????) Anyway, the birthday boy or girl gets an inflatable crown, extra tickets to get chotsky presents and even gets to stand in this cage thing where fake money blows all around. That would sell any kid!! They really did a great job and it was the perfect spot for all these high energy 3 and 4 year olds. Parker had quite the turnout.

Parker's enormous Scooby Doo cake
I so wish I had planned ahead and asked my best friend, Linsey to make some sugar cookies for Parker's favors. She is incredibly talented, and I am incredibly last-minute! Next year.

Parker was sticking his finger in the frosting when he thought no one was looking. He is definitely a Van!

See how excited Josh is to be there? Seriously, Josh and his brother were like kids in a candy shop at this place. It was hilarious and very entertaining.


The birthday boy cheesing on the carousel

Parker's pretty cousin, Gracie

Parker with Chuck E...not sure what to think. Oh, the birthday kid gets a medal too!

There is a lot going on here...
We were exhausted after two hours at Chuck E Cheese, I mean totally and completely beat. Lots of stimulation and excited (loud) kids!

After playing hard at Chuck E Cheese, I scooted downtown for an event. We brought in two banquette lounge groupings with dramatic floral arrangement toppers for an evening networking reception for a large corporation. Each lounge grouping was four-sided with a little ottoman on each side for a votive candle and cocktails. Turned out very cute!


The blue throw pillows coordinated with the company's logo

And that was my work hard, play hard kind of Saturday!


swevans81 said...

I don't think we had Chuck E. Cheese when you and Rae were growing up - did we? The skating rink was loud enough for me!

Linsey said...

I don't think we did have chuck e cheese or you know we would have been there! I can't imagine how crazy it was there. We only have four kids at the beach with us and I have begun to think "what am I in for with mine?!?!" Have a wonderful day! Xoxo

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