Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love succulents

My little succulent garden! I've been dying to do one of these and it couldn't have come together faster. It should do great in the heat we have going on right now.

Aren't the string of pearls so delicate and whimsical? (Trailing plant in the left side of the pot)


Melissa WIlliamson said...

Georgia! I am obsessed with succulents! Where can you find them and what conditions do they need to survive?!

Linsey said...

I love succulents and yours look fantastic!! I have some Hen and Chicks that we used in my wedding that I can send your way next time I see you!

Georgia said...

Melissa - I got mine at Lowe's! I bought a few different types, just picked them based on how they looked together. They can take hot and dry conditions, very low maintenance and easy. Good luck!

Hen and Chicks are my favorites!

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