Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Year Ago...

Now a year and a week ago...started writing this post, and then couldn't get back to it!!

It is completely unbelievable to me that today marks one year in our marriage. It seems like yesterday that we were praying it wouldn't storm as I was getting my makeup done in my parents' bedroom. I think that was the only stress I felt on that day. (Don't think my parents would say the same!) It was the perfect day...getting ready in the house that I grew up in, marrying my best friend in a place that is so meaningful, celebrating with all of our wonderful family and friends. Josh and I feel lucky to have had such a special wedding. We've had a great first year!!!

Here are some favorites from the day...

Hands-down the best photograph of the night. I love this lady!

My beautiful sister

My sweet Van family!

Lucky to have 3 grandparents...Georgia (Mot Mot) & Glenn (Grandaddy) and Mary Jane (Maughi)
I cannot believe how much Parker has grown since this picture!

Before the ceremony in my parents' yard

Leaving the ceremony and heading to the reception, scared for my life! This picture makes me think of my sister...when Rachel heard that I wanted to get married at home, the first thing she said was, "I hope you'll get a new mailbox!" That rust was part of the allure to me...yes, it's old and dirty but it just fits.
Our photographer captured amazing details at my parents' house...I have the next four images framed and hanging in our living room.


Remember this tractor? Mom almost drove it off the mountain when we first moved to NC!

A few more details...


Horseshoes hang over every door in the house - we all need some good luck!

My dad built this for us - Mom and Dad were married under a similar one at my grandparents' home 30 years ago this July!

The most amazing cookies by Linsey Freeman! We still have one of each in our freezer...they are too cute for words!

I could go on and on!


AA said...

So sweet!!! Beautiful pictures...Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Gaya said...

GA - what fabulous pictures!! I just loved your wedding - it was the best! And those cookies were soooo good - I just loved that Elliot took a few to go, and had sparkles (from Oliver) on his face - and his co-workers kept commenting!!

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