Sunday, June 26, 2011

Way Down Yonder

Josh and I took full advantage of our day off this weekend...we packed a picnic and took the dogs down to the Chattahoochee. Buster swam, Oliver watched, we hiked and had just a grand ole time. We found a great spot just about 15 minutes from our house that we will absolutely go back to.

Buster raring to go in the water.

A little dark, but I love the picture.

It was impossible to catch Buster's craziness in the water in a picture. I should've done a video - he was all over the map and it was hilarious.

While Buster was trapsing through the water, Oliver had a mini photo shoot. He is so photogenic, isn't he?!

My little snaggle-toothed monster!

And my other monster below...just kidding!! :)

Buster drooling over the water, depressed to leave. A good time was had by all!


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