Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adult Field Day

I spent this past Saturday at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta orchestrating an Olympic field day for a group of young adults. These guys had a ball! This was such a fun event with a casual and high-energy twist - I am so often working on formal events...and this one was everything BUT formal. Almost 800 guests, divided into 27 teams, competed against each other for the gold medal. Lots and lots of beer-drinking, dancing to great music and loads of energetic fun.

Check it out!

A huge tent was set up in one of the quads for the buffets and some covered seating. We brought fans in to provide a little relief. Great view looking into Midtown!

Forgive my color in the next couple of pictures. My settings were off and I was madly snapping a few set up shots before I realized it. These inflatables were obstacle courses that each of the teams had to complete for the quickest time.

Opening ceremonies...love how these guys got into the outfits. Revenge of the Nerds was their inspiration.

Good ol' pie eating contest...

And giant trike races...

Not pictured were dunk tanks and dizzy bat relays, topped off by a great band that played into the night for a private outdoor concert!


swevans81 said...

This looks great Georgia!! Can't imagine how much planning went into this day ... I am impressed!!

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