Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dirt Road Anthem

As Josh and I hit the gravel of Rich Mountain Road on the way to my parents' house this weekend, I was reminded of those mountain roots. Now that I live in the city, I look at my upbringing from another perspective...in other words, I now realize that I didn't grow up like someone within the city limits. The conversation between Josh and me went something like this:

Me: "You might want to slow down on the gravel, honey."
Josh: "Oh, I've got this. I'm from Mississippi, remember?" Josh jokes.

We immediately hit some ridges and the back wheels fishtailed just a little bit. I don't say "I told ya so" like I want to :)

Me: "I think the road is kind of washed out up here. You should really slow down," I try again.
Josh grins at my bossiness. "Whoa, you're right," he gives in.

Yes, I know I'm right...I've driven this road about a million times :) Josh slows down. Buster and Oliver relax a little.

Me: "They really need to scrape the road."
Josh: "Scrape the road? What does that mean and how do you know that? It's hilarious that you know that," Josh chuckles. 

I'm thinking, well, obviously they need to scrape the road, to smooth it out some. The county does this several times a year to maintain the road as best they can. This is a normal, routine occurrence. Of course, I never learned specifically about road-scraping. It's not like school taught a class on it, I just knew it was something that had to happen because I grew up a mountain girl.  But, I realize this is not common knowledge if one is not accustomed to a gravel road! 

Anyway, Brevard was beautiful this weekend. We played with lots of dogs...my parents are serious dog lovers and have huge hearts. They've inherited a dog and a cat from my sister, and the family keeps on growing. They just adopted another little one that they were fostering...I would imagine that fostering usually works out that way! 

May - my sister's dog!

Lilly, the newest family member

Roxy is over these youngins.

Louie is the sweetest, most laidback pup you'll ever meet.

Oliver the Mountain Lion/Dog

Buster the Wild Child
We also checked out Brevard's 4th of July street festival. I love a small town street party...it doesn't get much better than that. They had antique cars that the boys coveted.

Love him!
We found this sign to be hilarious. Maybe the heat made us loopy!
Back to paved roads this week!


Jan said...

Makes me want to get in the car and drive to Brevard! I know y'all had a great time! Where is Bitsy????

Tom Welch said...

Love it Georgia, Great photos too.

jean van said...

you need to write a book and have a book signing .you r a talented girl, love your photos too.

Georgia said...

Thank you all!

Don't worry, "Miss" Jan...Bitsy is still there. I couldn't get a great picture of her. She was scared of the camera noise!

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