Sunday, August 28, 2011

Signs of Fall

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I THINK we are starting to see signs of fall on its way. The mornings are a little crisper, there's a nice little (warm) breeze and football is starting to eek into our weekend plans. Bring it on! Fall represents so many of my favorite things...most of all, I look forward to all things pumpkin!

We had our first leaf fall in our backyard yesterday, and thanks to a mosquito treatment that wipes away all those nasty things, we could spend a little time outside with the dogs.

Doesn't he look like he's done something wrong? Buster has perfected his saunter.

If there ever was an entry in the dictionary for "button nose," there would certainly be a picture of Oli's face!

The picture of Oliver above is something that I always want to remember. These are the steps from our backyard up to the porch and the only way inside the house from the back. Oliver has a love/hate relationship with this staircase. He will make it to the third step, lose momentum to get to the top, turn around, go back down the steps and try again. He always goes right along the side of the house, nearly touching the brick. Sometimes it takes him 5 tries to make it all the way to the top. I've learned to be patient, as I don't want him to trick me into carrying him up the steps. I guess they are a little cumbersome for his tiny little legs. He is a peculiar little creature like that. 

What do you love about fall?


Gaya said...

Your pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips!

swevans81 said...

Yes! Pumpkin muffins!!

Shauna said...

I do love your pumpkin muffins! I am so ready for Fall!!!

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