Monday, September 26, 2011

Eastern Wonders

I've always loved Asian influenced items for the home. And I mean, LOVE THEM! Inherited from my mama. Remember this post? You can imagine how totally thrilled I was today to sign into One Kings Lane and see ALL Asian stuff!!!!! I mean, every sale was themed around my taste. Every single one. Made my day! I only window shopped but that was sufficient enough for me.

This red and gold frame is just awesome. I love the expression on her face.
Um yes, I'll take this at my entry, please. Everything about this is gorgeous.
And this as a side table in the sunroom that I have designed in my head...this room is currently my husband's office.
He doesn't know I have alternative plans for his "man space" :) I can guarantee you that an Asian garden stool doesn't fit into his vision...

This is just a cool piece and the green is fabulous. Great as a sideboard or beneath a flat screen hung on the wall. It reminds me of one I have in storage until we have more space. I found mine at Scott's and it was about one-fifth of the price! This is listed at $1,099 at One Kings Lane.

All images via One Kings Lane
What do you think? Would you incorporate this Asian style into yours?

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Rachel said...

Love it all, especially the first framed pic! We totally inherited mom's Asian obsession!!

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