Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween for Grown Ups

It's getting closer and closer to Halloween! It's been years (well, college) since I've actually dressed up for Halloween...but I came across some super cute adult accessories last night (as I was flipping through the about a million magazines we had in our mail pile) that made me want to dress up again. Or at least accessorize. Have you ever checked out Grandin Road? They have some really cute favorite of which were the below headbands...

These are perfect if you don't want to commit to a full costume. Love the spider one. These are about $15!

Check out the rat purse below. Eeeww! But, I love it. Also perfect for a Halloween accent as opposed to full costume.

I like this skull and cross bones too...a little bling for the glamorous Halloween-er!
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This got me thinking about dog costumes! Oliver has decided he will be either (1) a cow or (2) a cowboy, or a cowdawg.

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Question for all of you: what should Oliver be for Halloween?


Rachel said...

Definitely a cowdawg! so cute...he will look great in a red bandana

Liz Martin said...

LOVE the rat purse! I agree with Rachel - cowdawg! How cute would imitation boots (socks with boot pattern) be?!

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