Friday, October 28, 2011

Elegant Fall Welcome

I've been a stranger to the blogging world, but for good reason. We have so many programs on the books! Last night, I had 2 events. Tonight, I have 2 events. Loving this busy fall and feeling so very fortunate to be working with so many great clients!

Below are some shots from last night's welcome reception. (I'm still figuring out my camera for indoor use...I miss having that natural light to work with.) Warm hues, great textures and fall colors...perfection!

Black boxed centerpieces sat on the highboy tables.

How beautiful is this linen? 

The dinner round. And the picture does not do it justice...a gold thread runs through this heavy linen weave. Subtle and gorgeous.

A close of of the dinner round centerpiece compilation. Southern yet updated.
Stay tuned for pictures of last night's event #2...a Carnival themed event!


Linsey said...

LOVE!!! Gorgeous flowers! (The pics are wonderful too!)

Rachel said...

very pretty!! great colors...loved seeing you this weekend!!!

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