Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mum's The Word

OK, seriously, could this be any prettier?! Josh and I jogged around Capital City Club Brookhaven one evening and I had to come back during the day so I could take a picture of this jaw-dropping entrance. Really, it is even more breathtaking in person because of the way the house is positioned at the top of a winding driveway, dotted with additional mum accents along the way. I thought taking this picture at all was a little stalker-ish, and didn't want to risk getting any closer for fear of an encounter with the security team that this family most certainly has.

This got me thinking about my fall yard. Well, let me be honest, my fall/winter/early spring yard. When I mentioned doing mums like the above, Josh's response was: "That would totally overwhelm our house." And, he's right. Plus, these wouldn't last throughout the winter...much less until early spring. I settled for the much less bold and much more budget friendly pansy. I know, soooooo predictable. I did add in some cabbages to funk it up just a little bit. I'm wayyyyy too embarrassed to show a picture until they grow some. Honestly, they are so piddly that I could barely get them out of the flats in one piece! I'm an instant gratification kind of person...which may explain why I spent a small fortune on 11 flats of inpatients this summer. My yard in no way justifies 11 flats of anything. I planted those suckers so close together that they looked like they'd been there for a season already. In an effort to be more economical this go-round, I spaced the pansies out as directed. Bring on the Miracle-Gro!


Gaya said...

put up a pic of the new halloween decorations!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Lance & I walk past this house all the time. They change out their beds about every other month & it always looks fabulous!! Jaime

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