Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life is good.

We found out yesterday morning that Buster is cancer free! We are so thankful.

Josh and I have been on pins and needles since the surgery last week. Once Buster was under the knife, the doctor realized the cancer was much larger than we had initially thought. It was not contained within the little knot that we could feel, but had spread under his armpit and into his chest. They had to remove a good deal of muscle and go as deep as his rib cage to tackle it. The incision is pretty gnarly with pressure relieving knicks all around it - I will spare you a photograph on this post! But, it is healing on track and we know all we need to know - they got good margins on the tumor and the surgery should be curative. YAHOO!

B has been such a trooper. He has certainly dealt with this better than I would have! I've learned something from my pup :) What would we do without them?

If anyone is in search of a great vet in Atlanta, I cannot recommend Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital highly enough. Buster is a new patient - they fit us in for surgery the same week we called...and that week just happened to be a short week with Thanksgiving in there. Amazing. We have gotten incredible service...follow up calls, emails on Thanksgiving, offers to meet us ON Thanksgiving if need be, personal cell phone numbers, etc. Oliver has always gone to this vet. We have seen all three of the doctors at some point or another, adore them all. Those of you that know me know that Oliver had some, ahem, emotional issues when Josh and I started dating - this sweet vet was just as excited as I was to see Oliver turn into a little manly dog! 

We are so thankful!


Jan said...

So happy for the good report! He'll be good as new before you know it!

Linsey said...

What wonderful news!!!

emily said...

So glad to hear this good news, GA & Josh!

Tom Welch said...

That's Great news, before long Buster will be his old self.

Shauna said...

So glad you guys found the knot when you did and that Buster is now cancer free!!

Kakhi said...

Way to fight Buster! Sad he had to go through this.

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