Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Rebel

Suits, scrubs and Harley's...which one of these does not fit? Well, they all have a place in this house...thanks to my hubby, an Ole Miss Rebel and a rebel to the core. From the Biltwell helmets to the steel toe boots to the Johnny Cash t-shirts, there's not much that's off the rack about Josh. In today's world of 401K's, corporate America and keeping up with the Joneses, he's a good reminder to disregard perceptions, push the envelope and be who you are. Josh has had motorcycles on the brain for as long as I've known him, probably for his entire life. For him, it's freedom, relaxation and man time, but most of all it's about cutting his own path along the road and life. For the rest of us non-motorcycle riders, it's a reminder to focus on those things that inspire the rebel in you!

If only I could share the vroom-vroom through this blog. Lucky neighbors we've got! :)

Who thinks we need to talk Josh into adding a seat for me on the back? I wanna be a rebel!


Rachel said...

That's great!! Youre right, you need a seat too!!

Linsey said...

Noooo!!!! Think I like you OFF the bike. Too much burning rubber for this girl!!! GREAT pictures!!!!!!

swevans81 said...

I'm with Lin... Noooo seat!
These are great pics -- Love Josh's expression!

Kakhi said...

Hilarious pictures. Must be framed.

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