Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Josh and I had a ball trick or treating with our nephew, excuse me...Superman. Is he not the cutest Superman you've ever seen? I can't get over his six pack...he's been in the gym!

He's being silly.

Our neighborhood was in quite the spirit. All the kids met at the park for pre-trick or treat festivities before participating in a little parade. They closed off traffic to one of the main streets in the 'hood to for trick or treaters and I'm telling you, it was jam packed with kiddos. It felt very official and it deepened my ever-growing love for where we live.

We bumped into one of our four legged friends, Jett, in full costume...

Our next run in was with a terrifying tiger. Jack just celebrated his first birthday and is the sweetest baby. His parents have become great friends of ours.  Josh was trying to get Jack to roar but this little cub just giggled away.

Parker's first house with his dad, Jeff. After he knocked out the first couple of houses, Parker was warmed up and had one goal in mind... to fill that pumpkin with candy, and as fast as possible.

This house had one of the best Halloween decor spreads, if you ask me. Not to mention that everything about this house is perfect, period. Check out the eyes in the windows upstairs!

The dogs also came with us and enjoyed meeting new dog friends. The best dog costume I saw was a pug dressed as a hot dog. It was hysterical! 


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Love these pictures and I want those eyes!

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