Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Make a Christmas Garland

'Tis the spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations that you will use for 4 weeks and then stuff in the attic! Right? I took a stab at a homemade garland this year and it turned out pretty cute. Cost me all of about $5. My mom and I have always made wreaths which are so easy and fun, but I'd already made a fall wreath that I'd planned to carry throughout the holiday season. Just added a Christmas-looking ribbon to the wreath and we are good to go.

Homemade...don't look too closely, but it works!

When we went to get our Christmas tree at Lowe's, the guy who trimmed the tree asked if I wanted some tree clippings to make a wreath. Maybe I have been living under a rock, but I had no idea they offered the clippings for free! Is anything truly "free" these days?! I was beyond excited...I think Josh thought something was wrong with me. I grabbed a ton of clippings and even went back the next day for more.

You will need three things for this project...tree clippings, clippers and floral wire. Of course, it would be beautiful to add in other types of greenery like magnolia leaves or holly. I didn't do this. Maybe I'll go back and augment it at a later date.

I couldn't find true floral wire, so I got some floral ties (in the tomato plant section)...they were already cut into appropriate lengths, and although it isn't as heavy duty as floral wire, it worked for me.

This is what your tree clippings will probably look like. Large and sprawling. You'll want to neaten them up just a little bit so that they aren't as heavy. Please excuse the porch that is in terrible need of a coat of white paint!

The below is sort of what you want to go for when you trim.

Gather about two of the clippings together and secure their stems with a floral tie, like so.

You'll twist the green floral tie just like a twist tie (that's basically what these things are). Continue this process. Depending on the size of the clipping, I sometimes used just one branch. To make the garland longer, you will have to tie the "top" part of the clipping to the "bottom" or stem part of the previous clipping. Keep on adding them on there to get the desired length.


I recommend working closely to the place you will be displaying the garland. I basically built mine on the deck railing to avoid too much destruction in this homemade project. It did fall off the deck at one point, but after a few four-letter words (which always seem to help), I got it back together. And here you go...just add some lights and you've got a basic, and basically free garland!

You can see those green ties if you look closely...not so obvious in person.

You could easily cover up those green ties with some ornaments like below. Maybe I'll get to this project later on.

Image via Pinterest
Any other ideas for homemade Christmas decor?

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