Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Merry

Merry Christmas week from the Vans! It's hard to believe this week is here. I am definitely in the Christmas spirit but the warm weather is throwing me. We had a white Christmas in North Carolina last year. Josh and I got into my parent's ski suits from the 80s...we sure won't get that lucky this year!

I got lots of presents wrapped this weekend so our tree isn't looking so lonely anymore. It actually looks pretty content and dreamy.

Wanna hear about my weekend project? It was chock full of cooking and creating which is just the best. The Evans side of my family has been in the farming business for almost 100 years. Pecans are now the main "crop" and because they are personal to me, I selfishly think they are great Christmas gifts :) This year, I decided to make my mama's spiced pecans and package them up all rustic chic. Take a peek!

The acorn ornaments from Angel Dog Designs truly pulled them together!!! Ornaments are the perfect gift adornment...something to keep after the gift is gone, or in this case (hopefully), eaten! I used wide mouth pint-sized mason jars with burlap (2 different colors), twine and a holiday ribbon.

Mountain Gourmet has made a hit out of these pecan tarts, so I stole their recipe and gave it a go. They are fabulous and bite sized (which spells serious trouble).

I put these in a quart-sized mason jar. Not gonna lie, it was hard to part with these tarts. 

Are they precious little things or what?

Oh, I love holiday projects!!! What did you do this weekend?


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