Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucky Streak

I don't know what it is. Maybe the stars are aligned. Maybe I've been a good girl. Or maybe it's just coincidence. Whatever it is, I have loved being the lucky winner of several giveaways in the last few months! The first was before the holidays...a complimentary one night stay at a luxury hotel, thanks to a lovely partner's holiday party giveaway. Can't wait to cash that one in.

Then, just a few weeks ago, I won a Twitter contest from Atlanta Magazine. This was such a fun surprise! Atlanta Magazine was gathering followers and to do so, they were offering a giveaway. Had no idea, just wanted to follow them. Well, I won! It was crazy! Won a 3 bedroom home in Grayton Beach and tickets to the 30A Songwriter's Music Festival for this past weekend. As last minute as it was, it couldn't be passed up. I fell in love with this area of Florida and can't wait to go back.

OK, this is one reason for my love of this place. I mean, they count the dogs and cats in the population. Instant community. Too cute.

Love the food trucks. We had an awesome lunch at one of these...the Costa Rican...brown rice, black beans, salsa, avocado and lime. Delicious. 

Cutest post office I ever did see.

Home of the famous Costa Rican.

Don't know if the beach could have been ANY prettier. It was actually pretty warm! (This is an iPhone picture, not bad!)

And here's the house. It was amazing and we will go back! 

Taking a few notes for my future light fixtures. Don't you think this would look cute in a non-beach house? I'm all about burlap.

The prettiest sunset I've seen in a while. 

So, I'm hoping my lucky streak isn't running out...need a little more for a lottery ticket!

Do you think you make your own luck?


Gaya said...

Love the pics Georgia! I had such a great time with you - what a fun vacation!

Evie said...

OH my goodness, lucky lucky girl! I dooo like that burlap light would totally work in a non-beach house...and I'm very sensitive about beach-y decor...!

Linsey said...

How exciting!! What a fun little getaway to a great area!

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