Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Read

One of my new year's goals (I like to make goals rather than resolutions) is to read often. I love to read, but when does one have the luxury to do so? I'm working on it! My BFF Linsey gave me this book for Christmas and I have a feeling it will be a page turner. Isn't the cover intriguing?

The author is a New York trained chef/Wall Street overachiever that decides to go out into the wild to discover the real meaning of sustainable food. The book includes recipes along the way...even one for squirrel dumplings! Not sure I'll be trying that one, but there were some other, slightly less road kill-ish ones that looked good. Some amazing gravies, homemade mustard, black peppercorn sauce. Plus, her name is Georgia! Linsey said it reminded her of me. We laughed about this - years ago, Linsey named one of her cows after me because she "looked" like me...apparently she had blond hair, but as you can imagine, that was NOT my first thought! 

Do you see the kilim rug in the background? Here is a closer shot. Rustic, right?

I am loving this hand-me-down from my mom. Christmas was a nice time to comb through some of my mom's extra things :) ...this was rolled up in the garage, no joke! Love my ottoman coffee table but it's not working with the rug. But, fine for now. I'm just thrilled to have the kilim rug! It reminds me of some I've been coveting from Pottery Barn...

via Pottery Barn

via Pottery Barn

...and it brings a little mountain to our little city home!


aturbyfill said...

I have the first pottery barn rug you listed!! OBSESSED with Kilim!

Evie said...

I love that rug!!! I want my mom to hand me down something like that....

Also, to get your etsy shop to show up on the side of your blog go to "your shop" tab on the top right of the Etsy page. On the left hand side there will be a category called "promote" click on "Etsy mini." Then you can customize how you want it and copy paste the HTML code into your Etsy side bar...if you need help with it just let me know!! I love your Etsy shop!

Katy said...

Georgia...upon your recommendation I ordered Georgia Pelligrini's book and I am absolutely fascinated! Thanks for posting!

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