Sunday, January 22, 2012

Turtles in the Kitchen

Got into an experiment in the kitchen tonight, as I'm trying to beef up the inventory options on The Proper Pecan and I thought turtles would be a great addition. This took me back to so many great childhood memories. My mom, sister and I used to make candy with our sweet neighbor every single Thanksgiving. We used mostly fondant, flavored with crushed peppermints or peanut butter or brown sugar, that we rolled into balls and dipped into milk or dark chocolate. My hands were always on the cold side to work with chocolate - it would clump all over my fingers. I remember being envious that my sister's body temperature was better suited for the job :) We also learned how to make caramel...individually packaged caramels and turtles. I remembered some of the techniques faster than others during this test run tonight! Caramel is definitely tricky. I was on the phone with my mom for moral support the whole time, ha! These certainly did not turn out perfect, but nothing ever does the first time around. That would be too easy.

Thanks to my taste tester husband, these are about halfway gone by now! They are Josh-approved.

Notes for next time: the caramel needs to get a little hotter. It was a little soft once it set. I'm not sure the chocolate is going to firm up perfectly. Probably used too much butter. Is there such a thing?!


swevans81 said...

Looks so good!!

Lynn said...

These turtles look yummy :) I love me some pecans....especially from GA! I'm a Georgia Peach also and recently found your site.

I've also nominated you for a blog award. Check out the details on my site :)

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