Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Economics for Dummies

My mom had a big birthday yesterday. To celebrate the occasion, my sister and I went to Brevard and rang in the happy day a few days early. We had a great weekend. Went to Grove Park Inn for lunch on Saturday, had dinner with family at Fall's Landing (our family fave where we celebrate every milestone). Then, my dad invited all of their friends to surprise my mom at Fall's bar after dinner, which was so cute. We all hung out at the bar, and my 92-year-old grandmother was the life of the party.

Maughi (who you can see in action here) is the queen of creative gifts. The content of whatever she comes up with is usually cash, but she is about as far away from those birthday cards with a slot for cash as you can get. 

I seriously don't know how she keeps coming up with new ideas. Forgive the quality of these, as they were taken with my iPhone.

Yep, this is a wooden Kleenex box (handmade) filled with $5 bills, taped together and folded accordion style. Amazing. 

We always look forward to what Maughi will come up with next. One of my personal favorites was a dozen roses (each bud was made from $10 bills) for my 12th birthday. But, the best one probably ever was a tad mean-spirited, and had I been a little younger, I probably would have cried. My first semester at Chapel Hill, I enrolled for an introductory economics class. Let's just say that Econ10 and I did not agree. I got a 50 on the first test and dropped that class like a hot potato. I had NEVER seen a number that low and wasn't about to start my college career off in the hole. (Eventually, I had to take the class again and got a C, thank you Jesus God!) Well, for that birthday (I guess it would have been 19), Maughi gave me a book. Economics for Dummies. Not kidding. I opened it, thought, oh this is pretty good, yeah, yeah, where's the cash...well, it was nowhere to be found. After a few page flips, I'm thinking wow, this really is my gift after all. What a terrible gift! Why would I ever want this! The rest of my family (grandmother included) is in hysterics at Maughi's bold jab. Finally, I get smart and think. She has glued two of the pages together and put the cash inside.

After almost 20 years of doing this for all 4 of us (and others I am sure), we are waiting for the ideas to run out. They don't!


Jan said...

Love this! Maughi is a sport!

Ashlee said...

This made me smile!

Linsey said...

There is something about special grandmothers! Love her!

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