Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the Little Things

It really is all about the little things. Here are a few that are making me smile.

...Picking daffodils with a neighbor before it got down below freezing. Although I'm so happy to see some brightness in this stint of frigid weather, I have to say that it will be sad not to see a true spring since we've basically already had it!

...Nibbling on a small and therefore "less guilt" cookie cake with my Valentine.

...Throwing together a last minute Proper Pecan order for Valentine's at Lucy's Market!

Seeing my little man in all his Valentine splendor...

Coming home to a princess crown and Valentine card. And yes, I wore the crown around for the night.

Pot roast!!!!!

What little things keep you smiling?


Shauna said...
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Shauna said...

That pot roast looks awesome!!! I want the recipe please! :)

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