Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oliver is 6!

Yesterday was my little man Oliver's 6th birthday. I cannot believe he is already 6 years old, but then again, I cannot remember my world before him! Josh and I are both crazy dog lovers, as many of you know, so our dogs are a huge part of our life. We've been through a lot with Oliver, and while it hasn't always been fun, we've worked together to get there. You can read about our Oliver trials and tribulations here :)

Here is Oliver at one week old. Ummm...can you say lab rat? I actually got to hold him at one week old. Tiniest thing I've ever seen.

On the way home. We had just gotten home from a family vacation the day before, and my sister and I high-tailed it down to Cochran, GA (from North Carolina) to pick him up. Much to my disappointment, he slept the entire car ride home. 

First bath. I gave him an ear infection. I felt awful!

Hanging with my favorite cat, Rascal. She passed away several years ago, but her sister, Purrl, still lives. She is about 22 years old! This poor cat. Rachel and I carried these cats around in pillowcases and dressed them up in baby clothes. Rascal was always very cooperative. Purrl, not so much.

And here is my little man today! And, a man he certainly is.

I get choked up when I remember how short dog's lives are. We are doing our best to give both Buster and Oliver a great life and soak them up while they are with us!


Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

So sweet! little oliver is so precious! I can't believe that Purrl is 22!! OMG!

Linsey said...

I was thinking the same thing about Purrl.... That means we are OLD because I remember going to get her (and visiting with baby Oliver too!!).

Emma Torrence said...

I remember when y'all got ol' Purrl and Rascal. I can't believe that cat's been around THAT long. Happy birthday, Oliver!!

Gaya said...

mushroom rat....nuff said!

Rachel said...

He is so cute!! Poor Purrl and Rascal...can't believe mom let us continue to do that to them! Happy birthday, Oli!!!

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