Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Wannabe Cook's Dream Kitchen

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what my dream kitchen would look like. A girl can dream, right? A kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where everyone naturally gathers at a dinner party, including the dogs in search of any scraps. I spend a lot of time in my tiny little kitchen between squeezing in batches of Sassy Sweet Pecans and throwing simple dinners together.

I grew up in a very rustic home. A log cabin, actually. Literally every single wall of my parent's home is wood. The ceilings are made of wood beams. Floors, yep, you guessed it...hardwoods. So, I naturally prefer a more rustic style than most people probably do. But, I have to keep in mind that I live inside the city limits. How to combine the two? They nailed it below.

Loving the contrast here with the white cabinets, dark island, chrome pendant lighting. Love, love, love the backsplash.

Subway tile is so classic and clean.

A farmhouse sink would be amazing. Love the backsplash...an updated subway tile.

Not digging the light fixtures, but everything else is pretty perfect.

These stools would be awesome at an island. I covet them.

A cabinet for your appliances is absolutely genius. 

Obsessed with the chalkboard paint. If only pantries looked this neat in real life!

All images from my Pinterest.

What would your dream kitchen include?


Linsey said...

OBSESSED with the first picture. Love the second, third, and all of the following. One of each?!?

Chase Conely said...

The pictures are truly worth seeing, but I prefer the first picture because who wouldn’t have those light fixtures and wood ceilings, right? And the light coming from the outside makes the kitchen show its full beauty. Got to love the bookshelf, too. I wonder if all of those are recipe books. Hehehe.

Chase Conely

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