Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fireplace Conundrum

As we are about to step into that time of year that gives us the nickname of "Hotlanta" that I despise so much, I'm certainly not thinking about building a fire in a fireplace. But, I am thinking about the way the fireplace should look in our next house. I have never lived in a place with a fireplace in my adult life, so this is very exciting. My dad taught me how to build a mean fire in their seriously huge fireplace...

Their fireplace is truly the center of the house, and I love that.

If I lived in the mountains, I'd have a fire place like this:

So again, I find myself in the middle of a big city with mountain girl taste. Thankfully for Pinterest and Houzz, we've found some happy middle ground.

This one below is the clear winner for me. I love the different sizes of the stone. The mantel is crisp and clean. Also adoring the cabinetry and hardware over the mantel.

It's the perfect combination of rustic and farmhouse chic, in my untrained opinion.


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