Monday, April 9, 2012

Presenting A Few Event Highlights...

Let these pictures serve as my alibi for stepping off the blogging train lately! We have been happily busy at Presenting Atlanta with program after program. It's amazing to see budgets come back some. I could not be more thrilled! We are definitely seeing the economy turn around...clients are able to add decor back into the mix, maybe they are able to get the groups off property for one night, or bring in some great decor looks if they can't. 

Credit: ALL images are courtesy of Ross DeLoach of Northlight Photography

Another great event at the World of Coca-Cola. This was a reception style dinner event for 150 international guests. Blue and black are their company colors. Thankfully, this venue is so colorful that just about anything goes!

The next series has to be one of my most favorite events ever. This was an outdoor welcome reception for 125 guests. Colorful, vibrant and totally playful. The weather was our friend.

Do you feel like you are at a Moroccan market yet?

These wooden top communal tables are "TDF" as my husband would say. Translation: to die for. 

And finally, the first event I have ever personally orchestrated on the Georgia Dome floor. Presenting has done many, many, many, but I've never had the pleasure. It was totally and completely amazing from start to finish. The client's logo has been erased for their privacy.

Typical tailgate games like corn hole and ladder ball dotted the turf...

The other end zone (25 yards) was used for food and beverage, decor, etc.

Check out the bar decor! Two guys let us "rent" their prized possessions for the night.  The guys in the background are the Atlanta Falcons Drumline - they greeted the guests and led them down to the field. Talk about making an entrance!

Up next, we've got several private clubs, the Georgia Aquarium and Hard Rock Cafe on tap!


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