Friday, May 25, 2012

House Update

If you had asked me a year ago what I thought I'd be doing today, I can guarantee you it wouldn't have anything to do with building a house! Josh and I never thought of building until we looked and looked and really couldn't find much that worked for us. We knew we would outgrow our house at some point and wanted to stay in the Brookhaven area, specifically Ashford Park. I was preparing for life in suburbia after seeing home prices of places we didn't really love! Luckily, we were connected with a great agent who had a new construction home by Tim Allen Homes in the cards. 

So far, it has been a smooth and enjoyable process. I have really, really loved every second of it. Tim has a great team that helps with design decisions, so we haven't once felt overwhelmed. There have been some decisions that have been harder for us (i.e. roof color {who would have thought?!} and garage door style), but everything else has been pretty obvious (or dictated by budget). Thankfully, Josh and I share a similar style and have agreed on just about everything. That has been the key. It will be a craftsman style home, big enough to grow into, but certainly nowhere close to a McMansion. We also love that we are a nice stroll, or a short drive, away from the site so we check it out every evening that we can. Take a look at the progress so far...

Below is the lot with the original house on it. Cute, but literally falling apart. There was trash had obviously not been taken care of in a long time. The huge tree in the front yard got my heart.

Sadly, we were told that it would not live for more than 5 was covered in mistletoe and had lots of dead branches. The safest thing to do was to have it cut down. So we did. Crocodile tear. However, per DeKalb County codes, they will have to plant a new one in its place which makes me happy.

Our future backyard, overtaken with bamboo in the picture below. At least we do have some nice trees around the perimeter for privacy.

Demo day below. Actually, there was a squatter living in the house. Josh was determined to catch him, but I was really glad they parked the equipment outside for a couple of days to give the guy some warning. Part of me felt really sad/guilty that we were about to tear down a house that had been good shelter to this guy for a couple of weeks. I hope he found a better spot.

Empty lot, sans tree and crumbling abode! I'm sure the neighbors hate us already. I'll have to bake them a pound cake when we move in to apologize for all the construction noise. We have lived through 2 houses going up behind us where we live now and I'm sure it'll come full circle again in no time.

Grading the lot...

The footings and rebar go in. Seeing the footprint of the house was an exciting moment!

Next, foundation walls. The right side is the future garage, left is future porch.

From the backyard...future basement/man cave/play quarters. Those sound funny together.

Then the foundation itself was poured. This is the future front porch. I can't wait to buy a pair of rocking chairs!

And this week has been remarkable. It's framing week. The basement is fully framed. It is surreal to stand in here...hard to believe this is going to be our house! 

Josh has been so busy this week. His phone was ringing nonstop with work calls both nights we went over to the house. Nothing like being on construction site to remind you that you've got to pay for this thing, ha!

And from the front yard. The first floor is framed and it's actually starting to look like a house.

From the backyard...

By the end of next week, they will have the second floor framed and the roof will be going up. We are told that once the framing is finished, it is on! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Night Supper: A Shortcut

I cheated last night for supper and popped a Simply Fresh Chicken Pot Pie from Lucy's Market in the oven. Absolutely delicious. I also picked up some lady peas and simmered them in a pot of water with Better Than Buillon for about 45 minutes. It was the perfect meal.

On a side note, check out Lucy's new web site - I had the pleasure of helping them with the copy and photographs. It was a fun project and I think it turned out great!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Past 2 Weeks...

MIA, yes, I know. As much as I enjoy blogging, it has gone by the wayside for the past two weeks. Things have been nuts-O. Here is an iPhone photo catch up of what I've been up to, and what's kept me from the blog!

Event with our friends at the Aquarium. We brought in the greatest band ever...I want to be a groupy!

Checking on the progress of the new house/making a gazillion decisions that we need to live with for the next 10-15 years! Foundation walls are up now. Just waiting for the foundation to be poured so they can start framing (tomorrow, we think).

Event at Hard Rock Cafe for 12489794587 women. It was a hilarious dance party!

An Etsy order from an industry friend of two-bite pecan tarts for Mother's Day is SO fun to see an order pop up!

Team building/give back event for a pharmaceutical company that benefited the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Very cool - these guys were instructed to make a creative centerpiece from a bunch of goodies for hospital kits for kids.

Helped plan a 1st birthday party for this wonderful family. Thomas was all decked out for his train-themed party, complete with 70 adults and kids!!!

Thank the good Lord for Trader Jo's. This is what cooking looks like these days! The flounder stuffed with crabmeat (in the frozen section) is delicious. The chimichurra rice is always my go to. I buy it in 3's.

Oh, and isn't this little munchkin cute?!

Phew. Looking forward to an amazing weekend coming up with my mama and sister in town!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Festival Season

My favorite part about spring in Atlanta has got to be all of the festivals. The Inman Park Festival is hands-down (in my opinion), the absolute best one. The neighborhood is wonderful, there are a ton of great vendors and there is even a home tour in conjunction with all the other festivities. I've never done the home tour, but it's on my list.

I worked Saturday, but Sunday, we ventured out for the day. The butterfly flag is the symbol for the festival so you see those all over the homes in Inman Park. This homeowner used tissue paper in their it!

Wish I had a room like this on the top of my house!

Just one example of the types of vendors you'll find (they have EVERYTHING). These signs are so great. There is a baby store in Brookhaven called Egg's Nest that carries baby-themed ones, but I haven't located the others anywhere in a retail store. Sorry, the picture is way too bright and I am too lazy to edit it!

One of the, I swear, 500 spokes of vendors. It was never-ending!!! Really wish I could show off what we found for our mothers for Mother's Day...but I'm not going to ruin the surprise! I saw this particular booth 2 years ago and I've been thinking about their product ever since. I was thrilled to find it again.

Good fair-type food, although we chose to dine inside at a restaurant to get cool. It was feeling more like summer than spring. We ate at One Eared Stag...the former location of Shaun's. It was great! We loved the decor...actually we stole a light fixture idea from them for our new house. My man is radiant in his pale pink. 

The food was nothing to shrug off either. Josh had pork belly sliders and a jalapeno breaded corn dog with lots 'o ketchup. I was SO GLAD he got the corn dog. I would feel too guilty to order it, but it was what caught my eye the most on the menu.

I had the shrimp was fabulous!

Looking forward to getting outside this weekend too...the Brookhaven Farmer's Market opens on Saturday!