Thursday, May 3, 2012

Festival Season

My favorite part about spring in Atlanta has got to be all of the festivals. The Inman Park Festival is hands-down (in my opinion), the absolute best one. The neighborhood is wonderful, there are a ton of great vendors and there is even a home tour in conjunction with all the other festivities. I've never done the home tour, but it's on my list.

I worked Saturday, but Sunday, we ventured out for the day. The butterfly flag is the symbol for the festival so you see those all over the homes in Inman Park. This homeowner used tissue paper in their it!

Wish I had a room like this on the top of my house!

Just one example of the types of vendors you'll find (they have EVERYTHING). These signs are so great. There is a baby store in Brookhaven called Egg's Nest that carries baby-themed ones, but I haven't located the others anywhere in a retail store. Sorry, the picture is way too bright and I am too lazy to edit it!

One of the, I swear, 500 spokes of vendors. It was never-ending!!! Really wish I could show off what we found for our mothers for Mother's Day...but I'm not going to ruin the surprise! I saw this particular booth 2 years ago and I've been thinking about their product ever since. I was thrilled to find it again.

Good fair-type food, although we chose to dine inside at a restaurant to get cool. It was feeling more like summer than spring. We ate at One Eared Stag...the former location of Shaun's. It was great! We loved the decor...actually we stole a light fixture idea from them for our new house. My man is radiant in his pale pink. 

The food was nothing to shrug off either. Josh had pork belly sliders and a jalapeno breaded corn dog with lots 'o ketchup. I was SO GLAD he got the corn dog. I would feel too guilty to order it, but it was what caught my eye the most on the menu.

I had the shrimp was fabulous!

Looking forward to getting outside this weekend too...the Brookhaven Farmer's Market opens on Saturday!


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Looks like so much fun! Love those signs!!!

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