Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sleeping Pretty

We need a new bed. When we move, we will finally be able to graduate from a queen to a king. We are both looking forward to a little more wiggle we just have to find something we agree on! I've got my heart set on an upholstered bed, but that might be a touch too feminine for Josh's taste. And I get that. We concur that it needs to have the below:
  1. No foot board. We would like to eventually put a bench at the end and think that the room will feel more open without a foot board.
  2. Clean lines. Not gaudy or frilly, but timeless.
  3. We don't want a matchy matchy set. 
So my job is to come up with 4-5 beds that are in the realm of possibility for us both. Then, we choose together from those. And I have to say, I'm not too impressed with the selection out there! Here's what I've got.

The below is from Restoration Hardware and is the option Josh will like the least :) I love tufting - we both love it on leather, but I realize it's a little more feminine in a fabric.

However, I'm wondering about it in "charcoal" (on the far left)...that would man it up some, right?

I love the lines of the below one (also from Restoration Hardware) and the nail heads are great. This one could also be in charcoal.

Or, what about the Chester Bed below? This is from Macy's and has the most favorable price tag. I'd like to see the wood grain in person but it looks pretty. A little more traditional than I think I'd like to go, but we'll see.

The below is currently my personal favorite (Restoration Hardware again). I love the combination of wood, fabric and nail heads. It doesn't look overly feminine to me but it's not bulky in any way. This is the only fabric this one comes in. My concern with this is pairing it with other furniture. We will need new bedside tables anyway, but I was hoping to use an antique dresser we already is dark wood and absolutely gorgeous. That may be too many wood colors going on.

I need help! Does anyone have any recommendations for good bedroom furniture resources?


Anonymous said...

try Wayfair, formally csn. they have headboards and combo foot headboards also other pieces of furniture. the only problem is that you can't actually see it in a store. i did buy a black iron headboard only. just perfect 4 that room.also if ya'll need the black piece with all the little drawers back i will get it there.

Steve McKay said...

If you like Candice Olson from HGTV, Norwalk Furniture near Perimeter Mall carries some of her furniture. Here's a link to my favorite headboard- it has tufting and nailhead trim...

Gaya said...

I love some of Etsy's reclaimed wood headboards (great prices too). There is a feature to limit to just ATL vendors (shoping local and saving on shipping!)

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