Thursday, July 26, 2012

50 Shades of Gray

My house is about to be 50 shades of gray in a very PG kind of way. Paint colors have presented us with quite the is so difficult! How in the world am I supposed to choose a color for an entire wall from a 1" x 1" square?! I really wanted to go gray, but not cool gray, warm gray. Which is tough. I think we've gotten there with lots of help from our designers and my mama. Josh is looking for some color, which I've promised to bring in with accessories. I'm in a very neutral state of mind right now, and it's a lot easier to add color than take it away!

All paint is Sherwin Williams. Here's what we're going with. Entry, living, kitchen and upstairs hallway/spare bedrooms will be Jogging Path, trim throughout is Alabaster.

This was the toughest for me. Probably because it is the biggest paint commitment considering it will cover most of the house. I really wanted to do gray, but the lighter shades seemed so cool and icy to me. This is a nice hue, I think, I hope.

Dining will be Griffin. We have some heavy wainscoting and trim work, plus some nice windows, so I wanted to go a little darker.

Our master will be Pavestone and the nursery will be Dorian Gray. I can't wait to find out what this little booger is so that I can start planning the nursery!

All of our interior doors will be painted Gauntlet Gray, which is also the exterior color of the house. I'm obsessed with the color and excited for my dark doors!

Here's what the exterior is looking like these days.

Think we've got the gray color spectrum covered?


Anonymous said...

my friend that is a designer once told me , maybe not her exact words but you should bring the house outside color in to the inside colors. so there you go,the colors ya'll have chosen will be easy to decorate with. when you go to the stores to look for accessories you will find all the merchandise will work with those colors.---signed anonymous j.v.

Anonymous said...

Sherwin Williams paint is the best paint made, in my opinion. all i , so easy to paint with. my last house paint job was over 10 years old and the day we moved out it looked just like new. good choice !! also if you can get a color wheel to carry around with you if you will choose a color and go directly across the wheel (opposite side) you will find the colors will work well together. strange but it does work, the colors compliment each other j.v.

Rachel said...

So beautiful!!!!! I can't wait to see that nursery too!!!!

Gaya said...

OH MY GOSH - the house looks so good - holy moly

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