Thursday, July 19, 2012

Find at Scott's

Scott's Antique Market is something that I always try to get to. It usually works out that I forget on that weekend, or have some other plans but I made it last Saturday. My girlfriend, Gaya, came with me for some shopping support. I'm thrilled with my find! I have an ongoing list of things that we "need" for the new house, although that list is being shuffled around for some baby stuff! Lamps are one thing that are always on my list. 

I have some gorgeous lamps that Josh's mom gave us. I had my eye on them when Josh and I were dating, but of course I wasn't going to jump in as the girlfriend and say "I want those lamps!" Well, we've got them now...I had them rewired and bought some great linen drum shades to top them off. These will go in our master bedroom in the new house. I even have the original finials which are so intricate and beautiful. There is a bulb in the bottom of the lamp too which really shows off all of the detail.

I've had my eye on the big wrought iron gate type lamps for a while. I love that they have a rustic flair to them, and they make a huge impact. I've just been scared off by the price tag. Boxwoods has some fabulous ones, but at $425 PER LAMP, they were way out of budget pour moi. I've also been coveting the below from Restoration Hardware, but at $329 a pop, they weren't much better.

Then I hit Scott's with lamps on the brain and picked up two of these beauties! The wrought iron is wonderfully worn with a little rust poking through that gray. These babies are huge and heavy! Each sits about 37" high. Sadly, one of them shorted out when I turned it on, but the seller is getting that corrected for me. I paid $190 for the pair of lamps and $45 for each shade. That is a steal!!!

These are going to be a nice statement piece in our family room!


Anonymous said...

Paul's Aunt mary and Uncle Steve would be so happy with the pics of the lamps and so glad ya'll have them , good job Geogia

Gaya said...

They look awesome with the shade on - can't wait to see them in the new house!!

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