Sunday, July 8, 2012

Urban Chickens

One morning weekend before last, I got the biggest thrill. I had just woken up, turned on the coffee pot and gotten a sip of water when I looked out of my kitchen window and saw chickens scurrying around on my neighbor's back deck. At first, I saw only a white one and thought, "Oh my gosh, there is a dove in their yard!" Then, I saw a brown one, another white one, another brown one. There was no mistaking it, they were clearly chickens!

After seeing my friend Linsey's chickens and their amazing eggs...

I became obsessed with the idea of having my own. She lives on a beautiful farm in Alabama with cattle and lots of acreage. We live in town, in a neighborhood, in the city of Atlanta, on teeny tiny lots. So, I gave up on the idea of having any type of livestock a long time ago...or so I thought. Now that someone else in the neighborhood has a successful flock, I'm checking out coop plans for when we move!

The above is my absolute favorite. I want to live there! Unrealistic, yes. Cute, absolutely.

This one is nice, but quite large for my needs.

The below is more like it...and I love the cedar shake. We will have shake on our new house, so maybe I can talk Josh into building me a craftsman style coop!

The next two are serious. Like the Cadillac of chicken coops.

All images are from my Pinterest.

Question for all you chicken folks - what breed(s) should I get?! Can't wait for my little urban chicks!


Christi S. said...

I have 4 urban chickens now and we absolutely love them! We have a golden comet, buff orpington, black australorp and a barred plymouth rock (the black/white one in the first pic). So much fun. We are patiently awaiting our first eggs!

Linsey said...

I am drooling over those coops!! That last one is To. Die. For.

I LOVE my Welsummer (aka Miss Piggy). She has the dark brown eggs. She is sweet, sociable, and first to come up when I go out there. I have Buff Orpintons and they are sweet, but they are broody (want to lay on their eggs and hatch them) ALL THE TIME. I have three and at least one of them has been broody since Christmas. It is a pain if you don't want babies. My Americaunas have pretty blue eggs, but are not very sociable.

Ash loved her speckled sussex and wyandottes. I will have to ask her about her other breeds!!

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

that last one is the one I wanted!! :)

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