Wednesday, August 29, 2012

20 Weeks

This week marks the half way point of pregnancy. Wow, unreal! We are so excited to meet our little Ella Baisden!

I swear that my belly has popped over the last two days. It's nuts!
Everything went great at the 20 week appointment. They did the big ultrasound to locate all of her organs, parts, etc, and we got a good report! She looks a bit like an alien right now but they said once she starts getting some fat, she'll look more and more human-like. And based on my baby pictures, fat will be no problem at all. This is what 3 months old looked like, people...

This just looks uncomfortable! The baby needs a bigger tub!
At this point, she is weighing in at about 10 ounces and is about the length of a banana. Her heart rate was at 144 at our appointment yesterday which falls into the "normal" category and she was moving all over the place.  

Speaking of movement, I am feeling her just about every day now. It is usually in the evening or right before bedtime. I first felt her at 17 weeks, right as I was about to fall asleep. I nearly scared Josh to death. He got to feel her about a week and a half later. It is the most amazing thing in the world!

I am feeling great! I've gained 9 pounds, so right on track per the doctor. We can't wait to hold our baby girl!


Erin Tollison said...

You look so good! And, love the name!!

Jan said...

You look absolutely precious and I love her name! Pretty soon you will think she is taking up karate she will be kicking so much!
Can't believe that picture of you as a baby! Rolls and rolls for your mama and daddy to love!

Kakhi said...

I LOVE THAT BABY PICTURE! Ella Baisden is a beautiful name! I hope she has all those rolls too, but if she does I might have to kidnap her. is she going by both names or just one?

Georgia {Cabin Fever} said...

Thanks Kakhi! I know, I love fat babies too :) We are going to do a double name! I had to get Baisden in there somewhere!

Gaya said...

I can finally see a bump! You look fab

Linsey said...

Yay for a bump!!! As usual, you look absolutely precious!! Can't wait to give Miss Ella Baisden and squeeze!

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