Sunday, October 28, 2012

28 Weeks (Almost a Week Late!)

Well, it's official...we have entered the third trimester! Time continues to fly by, and I'm starting to need it to slow down a little bit! We still have so much to do to prepare for this baby girl, but I know we will get there. We just can't wait to hold her!

My 28 week check up included the glucose test and a quick heart beat check. Hopefully I pass the glucose test because I don't want to drink that stuff again! I really have been super impressed with my doctor's efficiency. It is greatly appreciated, as trying to get to the doctor every 4 weeks (and starting now every 2 weeks) within a busy work week is somewhat challenging. They had me in there, chugging super sweet Gatorade-tasting stuff and then getting checked out by the doctor before having blood drawn.

EB is about 2 and 1/4 pounds, or the size of a Chinese cabbage per BabyCenter (which, who in world knows what a Chinese cabbage is?!), about 14.8 inches head to toe. She can now blink her eyes and she kicks and rolls with the best of 'em.

I've gained 17 pounds (!!!!), still feeling pretty good although I am having some leg cramps at night and Braxton Hicks every once in a while. I've been blessed with an amazing pregnancy to date - I'm loving every second of it!

Other baby-related updates... (1) nursery is still very much in the works, but of course I'll share a room tour when it's closer to the finished product. (2) We think we've found a wonderful nanny to care for the baby when I go back to work. This is such a huge relief to have someone lined up! (3) We met with a great pediatrician, just trying to determine if the location is convenient enough for busy lifestyles.


Gaya said...

Adorable - you look great!

Linsey said...

Omg you look about 20 weeks! You look fantastic!!!

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