Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The C Word

If you read regularly, you may remember this post and this one from almost a year ago. Sadly, we've learned that when a pup gets one mast cell tumor, they are pretty likely to get another. This is just what we found on one of our B-man's front paws about a week ago. I immediately knew it was that nasty "c" word that seems to affect so many people's worlds. Cancer.

Per our vet, labs are common targets for mast cell tumors. PSA...check out your dogs regularly and pay attention to their bodies! These things are relatively easy to take off but they are aggressive. Below is what the latest one looked like.

Through chatting with our vet (we LOVE Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital) and doing our own research, we have learned that mast cell tumors are associated with allergic reactions. Buster is a historically allergic dog - his eyes stay red, he has sensitive skin, gets yeast infections in his paws a couple times a year and battles ear infections. So, pay special mind if your pup is sensitive like ours! Buster will likely be on Benadryl regularly from here on out.

Buster went in for surgery today and we are expecting the best!


Bridget said...

Do you still have Buster and is he still cancer free? Just found what I believe to be mast cell cancer on my dog Ruger and very worried. Let me know how your furbaby is now!!

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