Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Girl Van

At 30 weeks, we have an idea of what the baby girl looks like! Technology is just wildly amazing to me. Can't. Get. Over. It.

I think she has Josh's nice lips and I'm glad to see some chubby cheeks! She is head down, bottom up. The technician confirmed that the hard little thing I've been feeling to the right of my belly button is her bottom. I was thinking that's what it was but couldn't tell for sure. She moved all over the place during the ultra sound and even opened her eyes and mouth for us! 

I asked if she had any hair because I just know the poor thing will be bald until she's 2 like I was. Plus, I have some really cute (small) barrettes that she just NEEDS to wear! They pointed out some fuzz so maybe she will look more like a girl than I did. My mom was always dressing me in pink and still people would say, "Oh! He is so cute!" 

Can't wait to meet the little one, but I am one of those crazies who will miss being pregnant. It's fun to feel her move throughout the day...it really puts life into perspective!


Gaya said...

yipppeeee - what a cutie - I love those lips!

Rachel said...

She's so cute!!! I see a perfect blend of you and Josh in that sweet little face!

Linsey said...

What a gorgeous face! Cannot get over that you are already 30 weeks!

AA said...


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