Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Emails from Maughi

I was just cleaning out my gmail account and came across a typical email from my grandmother, Maughi. It made me chuckle. This is what she sent in response to my invitation to Thanksgiving at our new house (while still under construction) in Atlanta.

"Sounds great to me but don't be too sure the house will be ready.  I am reminded of the quail dinner I invited the family to BEFORE Bud had shot the quail yet.  The morning of the dinner, he still didn't have enough.  Fortunately a covey flew into one of those plate glass windows and I rushed out and had more than enough picked and cleaned by the time Bud got back empty handed from his quest.  I'm not sure how you would do this with a house, but if it's possible, I know just the one who could pull it off.  It will make nice thinking about."

Didn't she have a way with words? 

In my other favorite email from her, she runs through a family tree, concluding that the name "Casteria Neljte Van" has a great ring to it for our little girl. Ha!


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