Monday, December 3, 2012

33 Weeks

Last week marked 33 weeks! Doctor's appointment went great (I'm making my rotations through the doctors), weight gain at 21 pounds, heartbeat plugging away. I go next week (at 35 weeks) and then will go every week until she makes her debut! You know, I'm finding that after seeing two women doctors during these rotations, I really prefer my male doctor. He is as laid back as they come, where I find the women are a little more, well, like women :) 

She is still very active, doing what feels like a complete somersault several times a day. Strange feeling. The other night a foot or elbow kicked me so hard it woke me up! No real cravings of any sort, no pains except a little lower back  pinch if I've been standing or sitting for too long. I feel like I am carrying very low, and I feel quite a bit of pressure by the end of the day.

This past weekend I went to Brevard for my last baby shower, and it was perfectly over the top! Pictures to come. My travel is now limited to no more than an hour away from the hospital, per the doctor's orders.

I can't tell if nesting has set in, or if I've just always been a nest-er (probably since our move). I've got lots of house projects in the works, both baby and non-baby related. It's really a priority to get both completed in the next 4 weeks, as I don't think I'll be working on much of anything once she comes!

The nursery is looking so precious, and we feel like we've got all the big stuff she'll need right at seat, pack and play, video monitor, infant seat, strollers, etc. Now we just need our Ella Baisden, although I hope she cooks in there for 6 more weeks so she comes with some rolls!


Linsey said...

You are the most precious thing ever!! EB is looking good in there!

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