Friday, December 21, 2012

36 Weeks

36 weeks and counting! I have noticed a huge growth spurt over the last week and half (baby AND me). Still feeling great, sleeping well and feeling a good bit of movement. My cheeks are definitely getting puffy. My face looks like it did when I was about 19, except now I'm sporting crow's feet along with the baby cheeks, ha! I've gained 25 pounds.

Oliver makes a cameo. 
I am noticeably a LOT hungrier the past few weeks. Not sure if it's because of the ridiculous amount of treats we have in our office due to the holidays (the other day I ate 2 mint Oreo-type cookies, 2 chocolate sea salt caramels, a bag of white chocolate/peppermint popcorn, a candy cane, and maybe a truffle when I got home...oh my gosh) or if she is just really packing on the pounds. Sweets are really hitting the spot lately.

I continue to have Braxton Hicks every day. They always get more frequent when I'm moving around versus sitting. I had one at the doctor's office this morning when they were checking her heartbeat (it was 142) and the nurse said, I bet you feel that! They didn't check to see if I was dilated, which I was kind of disappointed about...but I'll be back in a week. The doctor asked me if I thought the baby was going to come before or after the New Year. Come again? After, I hope!!!!

The nursery is almost finished! It is pretty much my vision in this post come to life (changing table added after getting advice from some mama friends). Just waiting on her curtains (which are, of course, back-ordered), her rocking chair (on the honey-do list) and a painting that my mom and grandmother are working on completing. It is looking SO CUTE, I'm obsessed! 

This is some major talent from the Welch side of the family. It will be such a special piece to have!
Things I'll miss about being pregnant...(1) feeling the baby move. She is so active and we love trying to guess what body parts we see rolling around. (2) a decent night's sleep. Thankfully, my beauty rest is relatively uninterrupted, other than a couple of potty breaks. I would be a fool to think that this will continue! (3) a legitimate reason to wear leggings to work (4) unusually sweet people. People are so thoughtful when you are pregnant. They sort of look at you they should, the body is doing an amazing thing!

Things I will not miss about being pregnant...(1) bad skin. My skin has been awful throughout pregnancy. I just hope it goes back to normal! (2) lower back pain. I sit too long, back hurts. I stand too long, back hurts. (3) the urge to tinkle 24/7. (4) snoring. Although it doesn't bother me much, poor Josh is not a fan. (5) I cannot WAIT to sleep on my stomach again!!!!!!

Mostly we are just excited to meet our baby girl and start life as a family of 5 (including the four-legged babies)!


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