Friday, December 7, 2012

Out With The Red, In With The Gray

Since moving, I've gotten myself into quite a few projects around the house. This one has probably been the most time consuming, and I can't even claim all of it! Mom, Jean and I, together, recovered 6 chairs for our breakfast nook. Jean removed the existing fabric, Mom recovered, I fringed. After recovering the cushions of some other chairs for our dining room, I don't know which task I would have preferred. The staple gun is a physical battle and the fringing is majorly time consuming because it has to be sewn. My genius liquid stitch idea was for the birds!

I'm so thrilled with the way the chairs turned out! Halfway through, I thought...oh my gosh, I'm just going to buy some d*** chairs! Then I started shopping and saw that I could basically recover all 6 chairs for the cost of purchasing one chair. So happy with my decision to trudge that it's over.

When we moved from our brick ranch, my motto was out with the red and in with the neutral. Gray, to be specific. The red was charming in our old house, but frankly, I was over it for the new space. Here is our old dining room, and what we started with table and chairs wise. 
I should mention that my mom recovered these chairs for me in the first place. I will admit that I did not realize what a chore it was until I got involved this time around! These aren't the kind of chairs with cushions that pop out. The fabric is stapled to the wooden frame of the chair and the fringe is then sewn on to hide all of the staples. I actually ended up using this table in our formal dining room with chairs that Jean gave us (the other ones I recovered). We found a farm house style table at Nadeau (obsessed with that store) that fits the style of our house a little better and I love it with the newly covered chairs! They seem updated and something you would see at Ballard Designs.


And after all the blood, sweat and tears...

I love the Suzani print! It really brightens up this corner of our house. Ikat pillows accent our living room and this is a nice variation on that theme. Gray with a pop of color.

The fringe! Don't look too closely, I'm a novice seamstress. But, it's least for now.

And so happy to have this one marked off the list! I finished the table off with inexpensive canisters from Home Goods filled with wine corks, whole pecans and pine cones from our back yard. The light fixture is from Ballard Designs. I love that it makes a big statement.


Maur said...

this looks like some POWER nesting to me! go Georgia!

Jan said...

Very pretty! Y'all did a great job!!

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